Filtration Systems for Oil Vapour - Oil Fume

Filtration Systems for Oil Vapour - Oil Fume

Individual or centralised air filtration solutions with electrostatic and mechanical filters

1 Air Inlet: Suction point for dirty air connection.

2 Stainless Steel Partition Plate: Dirty air goes into the first separation and becomes larger particles and is evenly distributed to the filter.

3 Stainless Steel Pre-Filter: Retains small and coarse particles.

4 Ioniser / Collection Cell: The ioniser charges the particles in the air current with high voltage. Very small solid and liquid particles are precipitated in the collecting plate and constantly flow into the deposition tank.

5 Stainless Steel Pre-Filter: The air that comes out of the ioniser cell passes through the third filter again and the clean air is released to the environment with the fan. As an option, HEPA filter can also be offered.

6 Control Unit.

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